Decor & Entertainment

For your entertainment, we can provide a wide range of services. From background music for your reception to a full-scale musical review for a product launch, we have the contacts and resources to make it happen. Entertainers, musicians, stage-hands, makeup artists, lighting name it and we'll supply them. Our specialties include cocktail parties, gala dinners, and special occasions. We can also give you a choice of several theme parties to tie in with your own motif or program theme.

These exciting "escape" functions will transport your group to another place...another time...and even to another world. Just "dream the impossible dream" and our special effects technicians will make it a reality. Complete theme parties include decorations, entertainment, costumed personnel, all coordination and supervision. These specially designed themed functions are to be used at cocktail parties or gala dinners. Promotional materials are included in your registration mailing.

For a sample script detailing motif, decorations, props, personnel, visual effects, etc., please contact us.



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